Inexpensive Welded Faceplates

(and New - Carving Stands)

Available in any size* 



                  Prices are listed for single quantity, and then for quantity of 5 - the more popular selections are bold, in case you are not sure what to get.  (note - click images to enlarge)
Thread size   Washer size Plain  Drilled (1/4 inch holes) Drilled and faced flat drilled, faced, thread relief 


3/4 X 16

3/4 X 10

2 in $7/$25 $8/$30 $11/$43 $16/$65 Sears/Craftsman

Harbor Freight

Left hand thread available
3 in $7/$25 $8/$30

$11/$47 $15/$65 Delta, Most Minis, OneWay 1224, Vicmarc VL100
1X12 3 in 9/41 10/44 12/55 18/79 older Walker turner, some Myford
1 1/8 X 8

Left hand thread available

3 in $9/$41 $10/$44 $12/$55 $18/$79 Oliver, I am told the 1 1/8" x 8 & 1" x 8 LH also fit Yates American / Brodhead-Garrett J-170 lathes.
1 1/4 X8 3 in $8/$33 $9/$42 $12/$50 $18/$79 Woodfast, Stubby, Nova, General, Vicmark VL200, VL300
1 1/4 X8 4 in $9/$39 $10/$45 $13/$55 $19/$79
1 1/2 X8 4 in $11/$48 $12/$51 $14/$62 $20/$83 Powermatic 90
M33X3.5 4 in $15/$65 $16/$70 $19/$80 $23/$102 Most Oneway

Note - I like to use tapped holes when making fixtures - if you want tapped holes, choose "plain", and add $5 per faceplate for drilling and tapping for 1/4X20 thread machine screws.

Carving Stand and Adaptors

Carving stand - Place this stand in your banjo instead of a tool rest. When you finish turning your work, leave the faceplate/chuck attached and screw it onto this stand for carving or painting.

Thread size   Photo Length Threaded rod only Notes
1X8 looks like the one below, but threads are silver colored 2 inches

7/8 or smaller shaft - please specify shaft diameter when ordering


$4 for 4 inches, $0.50 per inch additional length larger shaft sizes available, cost will typically be $16
1.25X8 click to enlarge 3 inches, 1 inch nominal shaft diameter


$5 for 3 inches, $1 per inch additional length

I turn the shaft a few thousandths undersize so it will fit easily into the banjo even when it's a metric (25 mm) banjo like the Stubby or a little scraped up.

If you need a different shaft size, contact me.

Special sizes

3/4X16 with 1" tool post shown

Click to enlarge

various sizes - specify threads and tool post size

Generally $16 each

n/a same notes as above, be sure to specify shaft diameter and desired length

1X8 to Shopsmith

1 inch threaded 1X8 (female), 1.25 inch shaft 5/8 inch diameter with flat $35 each I may change the design a little, depending on what I have available at the time. the one shown is made in 2 pieces.

Shopsmith to 1X8 

allows using 1X8 threaded accessories on your Shopsmith $16 each 5/8 hole for Shopsmith, 1X8 exterior threads with nut and locking screw
Adaptor - 1 to 1 1/4 allows using your 1.25 sized accessories on your mini lathe $35 each I can make these with other thread combinations as required - generally the price will be about the same.
special adapter, 1 to 1 1/4 same as above, but by using all thread or a cut off piece of a bolt, you can use this either way - to put 1-8 inch stuff on your 1 1/4-8 lathe or to put a larger item on the smaller lathe $55 each As above, I can make these in any thread size that I have a tap and/or die for - if I need to buy a special tap or die, then I'll charge $20 plus the cost of the tap/die or the $55, whichever is less.
Chuck mounted spur drive this particular one has a diameter of 2 inches, which then steps up to about 2 1/4 inches.  You clamp in your chuck and screw pointed screws into the holes to make a large spur type drive $25 each 2 inches is a good size, but I can make these in other sizes and different threads if you like.
spindle extender spindle extender picture Note duct tape on threads to protect them, I forgot to take a photo without the tape this is a 1"--8 spindle extender - 2.25 inches long - I've changed the way I make these, now I make 3" long using two separate pieces - I have a few of the "old style" left 25 I also make 1.25-8 extenders, new style 3" long , 1"-8 is $37 for one, 32 for ten or more, 1.25-8 is $40 for one, $35 for ten or more.



To make things easy, shipping within the USA is $10 for 1 to 5 faceplates, carving stands, or combination. For more than 5, there will be additional shipping, but you will usually save some $$ by combining shipments.  

Note - the washers will distort when I weld them, typically up to .040, rarely more.  This will make them wobble a little - while this really doesn't matter, if it bothers you, choose the ones that are faced flat - I put these on my metal lathe and make them run true.  (I don't bother doing this for the ones I use myself, if that fact helps you decide).


Basic welded faceplates are as shown above, for other sizes see below:


1"X10, and 1"X12 LH are not cost effective, so I am not offering them, though I can make them at about $40 each.


1"X8, Left Hand thread $10 each for one, $7 each for 5 or more (drilled)
1 1/8" left hand thread, $15 each for one, 12 each for 5 or more (drilled)


1 7/8" X 8  $15 each, minimum order of 5 pieces


Other sizes, please ask.


Nut only $3 each for "normal" sizes, $5.50 each for the metric M33 nuts for OneWay lathes, LH nuts are $5 and up depending on the specific size.


Spare steel washer $1 each, used as a spacer if your spindle isn't threaded all the way to the shoulder (suggestion - make your own out of 1/4 inch masonite, AKA "HDF")


"Relief cutting" - This involves cutting out the last 1/4 inch or so of threads and facing off the nut so it mates firmly to the spindle  -  $5 each.  I find this convenient because you don't have to mess with a washer, but it does add significantly to the cost.  While I have the faceplate on my metal lathe, I also true it up and face it off, so it runs true like "real" machined faceplates.  If you choose this, be sure to tell me how much thread you need cut out on your lathe - typically 1/4 inch is enough.

Usage of these faceplates - see diagram in my article on Vacuum chucks in the tips section of, or on this site  for a diagram, or click here to see some images.  These are not precision faceplates, but when you screw them to a piece of wood that will become your fixture and then face off the fixture, any wobble is cancelled out, so it doesn't matter.  You will also find that the nuts I use do not have a relieved (thread-less) area, so they bottom out without hitting the spindle shoulder.  What I do is put a washer on the spindle first so that the nut bottoms out on the washer - but sometimes I forget - it doesn't seem to matter much.  (Note that I offer a "relieving" service, above if you don't want to hassle with a washer) Making a washer out of masonite might be a good idea (haven't tried that) because it would make a bit of a better seal and stop more of the vacuum leakage along the threads (there is some but not a lot of leakage along the threads).  Note that the welds may have some small gaps in them that allow leakage so if you are using these for vacuum chucks, I'd recommend putting a bead of hot melt, or RTV (silicone rubber) or some other sealant over the weld to seal it air tight.

To order faceplates, E-mail at this address:  

* the fine print - while I can make these in "any" size, some sizes are just not cost effective.  If you don't see your size listed here, please ask.



Also, wood turning is of course dangerous - I will replace any faceplate that fails in normal use, but that is the limit of my liability.

last updated 08/16/2013